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The Wand / Spider / Ace triangle

Some days I just feel like I no longer know who the fuck Anderson Silva is any more. Back in the day he was a guy who was happy to fight and kick the ass of anyone. Ask him who he wanted to fight next and he’d say “Whoever the UFC puts in front of me, a champion takes on all challengers.” Nowadays though we have a different Anderson Silva, one that clowns his fights against lesser opponents and demands superfights afterwards. Note to Anderson Silva: it’s only a superfight if everyone wants to see it, and after your last two fights there are a lot of people who simply aren’t interested in seeing you any more. Period.

Regardless, one superfight that seems to be shaping up is a battle of the Silvas: Anderson versus Wanderlei. Last week there was a decent amount of back and forth between the camps, which was originally spawned by a misunderstanding but by the end seemed to turn into some legit heat. At first Anderson Silva tried to quell the issues but now word has come out that he’s invited Wanderlei’s next opponent Rich Franklin down to California for some fight education.

Similar to how you always remember the first girl who let you put your penis inside of her, many champions have a special place in their heart for the dude they took the belt from. With Anderson Silva, it seems to go even further where I detect a serious desire for bromance. Unfortunately for Anderson, Rich already has a Brazilian sidekick he’s deeply in love with.

Still, no matter how friendly Anderson and Rich have been over the past few years, I can’t see Wanderlei (who seems intent on stirring the pot until this fight is locked) taking the two training together as anything other than a slight from the middleweight champ.

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