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The WAMMA belt is ad space

The WAMMA story just keeps giving and giving. The latest update is that WAMMA has found some kind of mystery sponsor who shall now get their logo ON THE WAMMA BELT. Whoring the belt out to sponsors is supposed to build WAMMA some ‘additional credibility’:

The World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts is on the verge of signing a recognized company as its first major sponsor in a deal that will build additional credibility for the start-up sanctioning body.

WAMMA is in late-stage discussions with the undisclosed company for a sponsorship that will, among other marketing tie-ins, brand the organization’s championship belts with the company name.

“It’s a feel-good sponsor; it’s a sponsor that’s not going to be able to be criticized by anyone,” said WAMMA Chief Operating Officer Mike Lynch in an interview with ( “We’re 99 percent there. It is something that’s going to go a long way to forming up our credibility – not only in the sport but with corporate America.”

The company is not part of the MMA industry and likely has no current agreements in place with promotions in the sport. Collaborating with WAMMA affords a sponsor the opportunity to test the MMA marketing waters with a largely independent organization, though WAMMA has partnerships in place with Affliction, M-1 and Adrenaline MMA.

“This strategic partnership will go a long way to help convince people that WAMMA is going to be here to stay,” added Lynch, who expects to have the deal done within the next few weeks. “This will show that WAMMA is viewed by fans and by corporate America as a credible, legit sanctioning body that is here for the long term.”

Is it just me, or is the Undisputed Heavyweight Pepsi belt (or whatever it ends up being) not exactly the most legitimate sounding thing in the world?