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The wacky path to Machida’s title shot

Everyone has been giving props to the UFC for it’s willingness to take a technical (read: potentially boring) fighter like Lyoto Machida and give him not only a title shot, but a serious media push to get him over with fans. But Ivan Trembow (who recently announced that he left MMA Weekly for those of you who care about shit like that) lays out the situation so you can see things were more about life giving the UFC lemons, and them trying to make some lemonade:

The only reason they finally gave Machida the title shot when they did, rather than having him fight yet again before getting a title shot and likely against another tough opponent like Thiago Silva, was because all three of these things happened:

1. Quinton Jackson was hurt and couldn’t fight on May 23

2. Frank Mir was hurt and couldn’t fight on May 23

3. GSP was not willing to move his fight up to May 23

If any two of those things had happened, we’d be looking forward to Evans vs. Jackson in July, and Machida would have yet another tough fight before getting a title shot.

It’s only because all three of those things happened that Evans vs. Machida happened on May 23.

Still, everything fell into place, probably because Dana and the gang saw the Machida win coming a mile away. For his part, Machida came in and took Rashad Evans out in aggressive fashion. What was looking like it might be a second debacle in as many events turned into an impressive win for the Karate master. And now the UFC is being hailed for ‘pushing’ a fighter they originally had no intentions of giving a title shot to any time soon. Funny how life works out, isn’t it?

Now does anyone want to wonder how bad things have to get before Yushin Okami gets his shot? It’s too bad for him swine flu didn’t turn into the mega-pandemic it was hyped for … that might have done it.