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The video blogs will continue

It looks like Dana’s comments on pulling out of the spotlight were premature: on the one week anniversary of FagGate, he’s bowed down to pressure from various groups and will continue doing UFC video blogs. For those of us who were worried that the age of the UFC interacting with the webs was over, we can breath a small sigh of relief. I’m not too hot on the video blogs any more, but Dana’s at his best when he’s out promoting events.

If you’re wondering why this weekend’s Strikeforce isn’t managing to build up much hype, you could point to the lack of a decent circus ringmaster to tie all the fight hype together into one big package. Dana does this well, and hell even Gary Shaw managed to do it. When you see an event floating along rudderless like the upcoming Strikeforce card, you start to recognize the importance of a figure like Dana White in pushing events.