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The Unoffical Hendo vs Feijao awards

(gif via Iron Forges Iron, yer new home for teh giffeh goodnesh)

Yeah, Strikeforce doesn’t give away post-event bonuses because it would be too awesome and they can’t seem to be copying the UFC, even when the UFC is doing shit right. But that doesn’t mean we can’t assign our own favorites after the event. We are, after all, sentient beings with free will. OR ARE WE??? Anyways, here’s my picks…

KO of the night: Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante
Yep you heard me. The H-Bomb as Strikeforce’s endlessly irritating commentary team called it about a billion times was nice but you have to give some credit to Feijao for the epic faceplant that finished him off.

Sub of the night: Jorge Gurgel
You didn’t see it because Showtime would rather force us to watch stilted interviews with ESL fighters than prelims, but Jorge Gurgel actually used his jitz on the prelim portion of the card last night. And surprise surprise, it worked well, allowing him to finish off his opponent in 44 seconds with a guillotine choke. Even though the guy was a borderline can and Gurgel almost let him out of the sub so they could keep fighting, I’m still giving this award to Gurgel over Coenen in the hopes that it will encourage him to keep fighting like a non-idiot.

Fight of the Night: Hendo vs Feijao
Yeah, this one kinda wins by default – it had enough exciting moments mixed between the wall’n’stall and dump’n’hump to take the award. Hey, it’s not like they get an extra 50g out of it anyways.

And now for some less official awards:

The Wet Paper Bag award: Liz Carmouche
In the hopes that she will go home and learn how to punch her way out of one.

The Most Disappointing award: Melvin Manhoef
I kinda said this before in the last post, but it bears repeating: Melvin Manhoef is at his best when he comes out of the gate like a bull with a brand up it’s ass. He often loses fights after almost winning, and we love him for it. On this one he didn’t even try to win, and then lost. That’s a downgrade, sir.

The Most Annoying award: Mauro Ranallo
I’ve managed to phase out the sound of Mauro’s incessant yelling pretty well at this point, but rarely is there an amazing cage moment that he can’t ruin with some corny one liner or idiotic supposition. Those post-fight interviews were especially brutal. CAN WE CALL IT THE H-BOMB NOW? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The Least Appreciated award: Tim Kennedy
Who’s feeling so neglected he’d rather deal with the Taliban than Strikeforce…

  • scissors61 says:

    i stumbled across a stream of the fight that came from the UK and didn’t have ranallo on it…simultaneously the worst and best thing ever. Best because it was Strikeforce without Mauro, worst because I’ll forever be looking for Ranallo-free streams and not finding them. Sigh. 


  • frickshun says:

    Skizz–>me too. I was pleased about the Brit doing the play by play. Only weird thing was the feed kept cutting to all UK sports so I didn’t even know if Strikeforce would come back on………eventually it did, right before the fight started.

  • matthewpolly says:

    Dirty Old Man Award: Mauro Ranallo
    Every time there was close-up shot of a Strikeforce ring girl, Mauro pronounced her name like he was on Biblical terms with her. Not since Jim Brown has a MMA commentator injected so much lasciviousness into his commentary. Leave Carano yet another unanswered voicemail and leave us out of you fantasy life, Mauro.

  • Predator8u says:

    I wish I had seen this card. Just to witness the MONEY-SUCK that is Hendo. and he wins! His paycheck and oblivious nature are just entertaining.