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The ultimate selling point: UFC Primetime St. Pierre vs Condit

Everything has its main selling point. Maybe you’re looking at houses and one particular feature has caught your eye, such as a lovely brick barbecue pit, or the secret room in the basement with the pit. Those are the things that could very well cause you to make the purchase. Well, with the UFC it’s not so much the fights themselves, but the intriguing personalities and intimate narratives caught on tape and delivered to you via YouTube. As if you needed any more motivation to quit being a cheap bastard and pony up the bread for UFC 154, here’s the final installment of Primetime.

Check out Carlos Condit on being a role model for his community. Watch GSP talk about how he’s not really the tedious droid he comes off as in interviews, he just despises doing media. Determine for yourself if the inclusion of Anderson Silva indicates that the UFC considers the outcome of this bout a predisposition of fate that will lead to the insanely lucrative superfight they’ve been teasing us with for years . You want even more mundane Q&A sessions? Check. Want to hear the coaches talk about how great the camp went and how ready their guy is? Check. I’m telling you man, if this kind of shit doesn’t built an excitement in you that cannot be contained, you just don’t get it.