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Did the piss drinking get cut from broadcast?

Maybe we watched some kinda censored version of TUF last night because we did NOT see what everyone else saw. Here’s Scott Holmes of MMA Sunday School ‘fame’ with his Sherdog recap:

Kaplan and company kept drinking until things escalated to the point that they were drinking each other’s urine.

Yes, that’s right. On the heels of last week’s body fluid bonanza, Lawlor spritzed into a shot glass and then Kaplan knocked it down like a fat co-ed on Jaeger. Kaplan then took it a step further, reaching for the entire glass while Bader booted up his lunch in the kitchen. Those that weren’t laughing recoiled in justifiable horror as Lawlor yanked the glass from Kaplan and finished it.

“Why is this happening?”

Even Steve-O would be appalled. Of course Lawlor had feelings and he wanted everything to be fair, so he then drank Kaplan’s pee. What a treat. I’m officially done with dudes.

While I’m glad to hear that Scott Holmes is gonna give up ass-pounding men (I’ve had my suspicions since listening to his radio show), I’m still wondering: where the hell was this alleged piss scene? For me, the episode went from showing Kaplan drinking shots to Kaplan in the hot tub (which takes you from tipsy to fuckered in about 5 minutes) to Kaplan in the bathroom getting knocked out. Nowhere in there was there a urine drinking scene. I dunno, maybe people who got an advance copy of the show had something we didn’t?

If that’s the case, it’s too bad. Without the piss stuff, the episode was pretty damned entertaining. Once again Dave Kaplan takes the cake for living in a parallel universe where he is The Man and he Can’t Be Knocked Out. Even after the video above he was claiming he hadn’t been knocked out. Lordy. After this, does anyone still believe his claims that he didn’t eat the cum soaked sushi?

Past that, the pranks on the show were sweet and above the belt. Loading everything into Krzysztof’s room is the perfect example of a funny pain in the ass prank that doesn’t result in anyone vomiting or losing their shit. And Krzysztof’s revenge was pretty good too. I like how he did it to everyone since no one helped him clean out the room.

That’s something worth mentioning. You get the feeling if something like this had happened to one of Team Nog’s members, the entire group AND Nog would have cleaned out the room while singing Kumbaya. Team Mir on the other hand don’t seem to have any team spirit or cohesiveness whatsoever. If I was on Mir’s team, I’d be jealous. Big Nog seems to carry around sunshine and happiness where ever he goes. Frank Mir is just a big cock.

I finally put my finger on what bugged me about Kyle Kingsbury … he has a bunch of facial expressions and habits that remind me of a girl I used to date. To be reminded of a chick you put your penis in while looking at a man is disconcerting to say the least. And having Jake next to me laughing and mocking me the whole time, didn’t make it much better.

Long story short, last night’s episode was good entertainment, and it’s too bad Spike decided to include piss in it … or not. I’m still kinda confused as to what’s up with that.