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The Ultimate Fighter is going down the toilet

You know things are going bad when even your fan sites are shitting on your product. UFC Mania’s recap of the first half of TUF5’s season goes something like this: the show is a joke and the contestants are bottom of the barrel fighters. Key quote:

Jeff Foxworthy once said: “If you mix pond scum with raw sewage you ain’t gettin’ Evian”. So too does it hold true that if you put a group of inexperienced drama queens in a steel cage you ain’t gettin’ Couture/Liddell.

Personally, I’m enjoying season 5 more than season 4, but that’s not saying much. I’d rather drown a kitten than sit through season 4 again. But I do agree with what these guys are saying: there’s gotta be some middle ground where talented fighters, exciting matches, and interesting personality come together to create a show that isn’t a steaming pile of dogshit.

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