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The UFC’s upcoming schedule

It’s no secret that the UFC’s momentum has faltered since UFC 100 and doesn’t look like it’s going to pick up until Spring 2010. How could it not considering the following factors?

  • Georges St Pierre’s torn groin
  • Brock Lesnar’s guts leaking shit into his body
  • Big Nog’s neverending staph infection
  • Anderson Silva’s elbow surgery
  • Lyoto Machida’s hand surgery
  • Wanderlei Silva’s face surgery
  • Chuck Liddell taking a break
  • Matt Hughes taking a break
  • Rich Franklin taking a break
  • Quinton Jackson being a baby
  • Shane Carwin having a baby

and so on and so on. Considering all this, I’m surprised that things are still rolling as well as they are. But that’s not to say we shouldn’t be concerned. The UFC is really putting to the test the theory that the brand is enough to keep people coming back for all their shows. And Dave Meltzer uses worrisome vocabulary like “burnt out” to describe the vibe he experienced at UFC 106, even going so far to compare it to “going to WWE live events of late: the idea of seeing a once popular entity that felt like it was past its peak.”

I don’t think the UFC is going out of style, but paying 45 bucks (or however many hundred per ticket) for an endless stream of non-title events might be. And it’s extra hard not to feel ripped off when you think about how things could have been if bad luck hadn’t bitchslapped the UFC:

105: Penn vs. Sanchez, Couture vs. Vera
106: Lesnar vs. Carwin, Tito vs. Forrest
107: Rampage vs. Evans, GSP vs. X
108: Silva vs. Belfort, Machida vs. Shogun II, Nogueria vs. Velazquez

Let’s also not forget UFC 109 which again was supposed to have Silva vs Belfort. Instead, here’s how things have played out:

  • 105: Couture vs Vera, Swick vs Hardy
  • 106: Tito vs Forrest, Koscheck vs Johnson
  • 107: Penn vs Sanchez, Mir vs Kongo
  • 108: Evans vs Silva, Condit vs Daley
  • 109: Couture vs Coleman, Serra vs Trigg

The next title fight after UFC 107 doesn’t come until FOUR MONTHS FROM NOW at UFC 111 on March 27th, and it’s that bullshit Georges St Pierre versus Dan Hardy one. How Dana White and Joe Silva looked at the above schedule and decided that was the best use of GSP’s star power is beyond me. Thank god a lack of big fights doesn’t mean a lack of good fights, but it’s still gonna be a cold winter, far away from the salad days of summer where big fights came together with ease and the mainstream media was lining up to endlessly suck the UFC’s cock.