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The UFC’s offer to Fedor

According to Carmichael Dave, via Bloody Elbow, the UFC offered Fedor the following terms:

–  6 fight contract worth $30 million

– an immediate title shot

– a cut of the Lesnar/Fedor PPV going directly to M-1

– Fedor was free to wear as many items with the M-1 logo as he wished

– allowing Fedor to compete in combat Sambo

That is fucking INSANE. To think that these Ruskies saw that and said “Hmmm. Not bad. What about that co-promotion?” is literally beyond what my brain can comprehend.

First off, a flat rate of $5 million a fight is by far the largest contract offer in this sport’s history. By far. And allowing Fedor to wear the logo of a company that is technically a competitor is beyond generous on the part of Dana and Lorenzo. The point of M-1’s desire to co-promote Fedor fights with the UFC is in order to market their brand. Allowing Fedor to wear M-1 logos would essentially be marketing their brand.

For these guys to come in and think that they can piggy back off of what Zuffa has built with a shared profit co-promotion is beyond me. The amount of money they would have made off of this contract and the amount of exposure M-1 would have garnered simply by showing their logo a few times on a UFC pay-per-view is far, far greater than anything they will receive from working with anyone else in the industry, whether it be Strikeforce, DREAM, or whomever.

It is at this point that we can stop calling the Fink and his buddies stubborn, selfish businessmen. They are officially just fucking stupid. Forrest Gump literally could have seen that this was the best business opportunity out of all those presented. Maybe even Terry Schiavo, too. Which is saying a lot, considering she was a woman and all.