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The UFC’s new Affliction fighters

Here’s the list of fighters Dana White has snatched up from Affliction. As per his press conference on Friday:

“[We’ve acquired] Vitor Belfort, Paul Daley, Ben Rothwell, Chase Gormley, Dan Lauzon, [Rafaelo] Oliveira,” said White in a conference call last night.

Several lighter-weight fighters are also on their way to the WEC, among them Javier Vazquez and Mark Hominick.

White also said that the UFC is in talks with “eight or nine” other former Affliction fighters about joining the organisation.

Past Daley (who will be debuting against HIT Squad fighter Brian Foster at UFC 103), the only other guy I’m pretty hyped about is Dan Lauzon. And that’s not really based on the idea that I think he’s going to burn up the 155 pound division … he’s just a scrappy kid who has entertaining fights.

As for who the other eight or nine are that the UFC is in talks with, I have no idea who else they’d want to grab. Little Nog would be cool but is the UFC ready for two nearly identical brown fighters with nearly identical names? I suppose it’s not that hard. What kind of idiot would confuse Antônio Minotoro Rodrigo Nogueira for Antônio Minotauro Rogério Nogueira? Two names that are out of the running for sure though: Tim Sylvia understandably enough and Andrei Arlovski, who appears to be in the same damaged goods pile as Timmy now.