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The UFC’s great UK hype

What the fuck is up with people talking about Michael Bisping and a title shot? Let’s take a look at who’s he’s beaten thus far:

  • Josh Haynes
  • Eric Schafer
  • Elvis Sinosic
  • Matt Hamill (sorta)
  • Charles McCarthy
  • Jason Day
  • Chris Leben

Let’s be frank: the UFC has built Michael Bisping up so much that no one even realizes he hasn’t fought any contenders in his divisions. People have just bought into the hype. How someone can go from beating the guys that can’t beat the contenders to being talked about for an eventual title shot is beyond me.

Yes, Bisping IS gonna have to face either Dan Henderson or Rich Franklin to get a title shot. And if you ask me, either one of those two will absolutely whup Bisping. Also in the guaranteed asskicking pile: Okami, Marquardt, and Filho. In the ‘Very Possibly / Most Likely’ pile: Almeida, Kampmann, Leites, MacDonald, Maia, Quarry, and Palhares.

The UFC has done a good job of slowly building Michael Bisping up to the point now where the average fight fan wouldn’t blink much if he was given a title shot. Good on them if you can appreciate that sort of thing, but just when you think about the Count’s chances against all the guys in the list I just made, I think we can all agree that he’s got a long way to go before his abilities catch up with his marketing.