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The UFC’s daddy comes back to the sport

Raising eyebrows across the internets, former UFC owner Bob Meyrowitz has teamed up with Live Nation to start a new MMA company. In case you didn’t know, Live Nation is owned by evil corp Clear Channel, who runs a radio monopoly in the US. Basically, Live Nation was formed because Clear Channel couldn’t run the division itself without a bunch of legal and regulatory issues. Here’s a bit more info:

In 2005, Live Nation promoted or produced over 28,500 events, including music concerts, theatrical shows, specialized motor sports and other events, with total attendance exceeding 61 million. As of September 30, 2005, Live Nation owned or operated 117 venues, consisting of 75 US and 42 international venues. These venues include 39 amphitheaters, 58 theaters, 14 clubs, four arenas and two festival sites. In addition, through equity, booking or similar arrangements Live Nation has the right to book events at 33 additional venues.

Okay, so Live Nation is a juggernaut, there’s no doubting that. But are those stuffy suits going to be willing to burn the big pile of money all companies must burn to sate the Gods of MMA and get their shit off the ground? My gut feeling says no. Meyrowitz isn’t exactly a business genius … he’s just a guy who just throws shit at the wall to see what sticks. Google his name and you’ll find 1001 quirky schemes that didn’t pan out … MMA was more of an accident than anything else. And Live Nation would sell their grandmothers for organs if it looked like they were pushing them into the red.

Of course, we’ll continue to follow this story down the road. Who knows? Maybe we could get an entertaining show or three before these guys fuck off.

  • kentyman says:

    On Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport To Big Time*, Meyrowitz said he doesn’t kick himself for selling the UFC, and is glad they’re doing well. I find that hard to believe, especially when if he’s gonna start a new promotion.

    *I think that’s where I saw it.

  • Xavier says:

    Meyrowitz is a ‘tard, read “No Holds Barred” by Gentry. The guy is just a clown.