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The UFC wants you to ‘Find Your Rhythm’ for UFC 125


If you were (un)lucky enough to catch the 2010 MMA Awards live broadcast, you’ll remember when they brought out that Stomp-esque group that made music with garbage cans and ladders. It was totally geigh, but for days afterwards I had their stupid percussive beats stuck in my head. Maybe that’s what happened to the people at the UFC too.

Whatever the case, here’s a musical number from Zuffa that turns the sounds of the octagon into a little musical number promoting UFC 125. Love it or hate it, you probably won’t be able to banish it from your head for a week or two. In case of emergency, you can always perform an aural douche with something equally annoying like Black Eyed Peas or Beiber.

  • Savageless says:

    No. It’s just shit.

    I can honestly say that traffic noise is more likely to pop back in my head tomorrow than that shitty trailer.

    Still a good card though.

  • iamphoenix says:

    just follow your heart you can’t go wrong

  • Komodo says:

    ‘E cannaht ‘andal my riddum.

    Meanwhile… I’ve had the theme to Welcome Back Kotter stuck in my head all day long, I’m good.

  • aiyameidi says:

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  • agentsmith says:

    What, no autotune?