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The UFC wants no part in Jon Fitch’s documentary


We all get why Jon Fitch ain’t getting a title shot any time soon. It’s not just because he’s the fight equivalent of a heavy dose of Ambien. He also got his ass kicked from post to post the last time he stepped into the cage with Georges St Pierre. It was the kind of performances that leave about as many questions as ‘What would happen if Dan Hardy got another shot at St Pierre’? The non-shot we all understand. But this act against Jon by UFC brass makes a bit less sense:

When’s your documentary going to be released?
We’re still working on that, because we did not get the footage cleared from the UFC. We actually have to go back and the footage has to be cut. Two minutes of footage has to be cut. We have to redo the sound and the editing minus the two minutes of footage. It could be a little while, because they have to raise more money to get that done.

What reason did UFC give for not releasing the footage?
No reason.

Were you surprised?
No, I wasn’t. (chuckles)

I’m sure it probably doesn’t help that AKA is always sitting on the very edge of Dana White’s good graces. But for Christ’s sake … making it even harder for UFC fighters to promoting themselves seems kinda dumb.

  • SST says:

    Dana holds grudges for life.

  • CAP says:

    I know he can be boring but FUCK, this is lame.

  • Symbul says:

    Really curious about what it was they wanted cut.

  • Tanhauser says:

    i wouldnt want any part of it either.

    But think about it.. Fitch isn’t helping the UFC make money. He won’t fight his teammates and plays it safe. Why should the UFC help him out above and beyond the call of duty?

  • Redping says:

    to help promote the #2 welterweight in their organisation? to bring more viewers to their shows? because it requires no effort on their part and at least has the possibility of some future gain?