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The UFC Vault still has issues

Those of you with credit cards that aren’t all maxed out on McDonalds and designer underwear purchases probably have the 6 month or 1 year unlimited membership to, where you can get all the prelim fights from UFC shows. And while I’m sure we all love having another event basically materialize on the nets 48 hours after a Fight Night or PPV, I also know that no one likes how the overall system is run. Bloody Elbow goes through what’s wrong with it, and here’s my biggest pet peeve front and center:

Some files are fucked. Two prelims I downloaded from UFC 92 were 1000 MB in size. Yes, that’s 1 GB. For one fight. That’s how big files are for Super Awesome Magical Internet downloads of recent pay-per-views. More annoyingly, some files have critical flaws somewhere in the code that 1) minimize the UFC Download Manager instead of playing the file and 2) crash my file explorer if I try to open them locally.

There’s nothing that heats my cheese more than downloading a GIGANTIC fucking file and then having it play crappier than some monolithic footage from a SegaCD game. Back when the UFC first put up the vault, the encoding was so fucking bad that half the fights were unwatchable. The ratios would be screwed up, the frames per second would regularly drop below 24, and there’d be all sorts of data garble issues. For the most part nowadays the new files are ooooookaaaaay. But I just don’t understand how a few new stinkers still inevitably show up. And how a lot of the older files STILL blow chunks.

It’s not like I haven’t sent emails saying “Wow, I know Matt Hughes is irrelevant and all, but it might be worth re-encoding some of the videos you guys fucked up the first time around.” So I really don’t get it. The UFC is usually pretty good about not releasing shit, but the vault is surprisingly full of it. And in a way that would be dirt simple to fix. So why not fix it? I know the UFC is currently in a petulant “The nets bit us so we’re not going to play with it anymore” mood right now, but I’d like to think this is a pretty reasonable request from someone who WANTS to keep paying them for this service.