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The UFC takes a lot of our moneys

Looks like ticket sales in Philadelphia are doing well:

UFC 101 will top records set by the likes of legendary boxer Jack Dempsey. In 1926 he fought former U.S. Marine Gene Tunney in Philadelphia. The event drew a staggering live attendance of 120,557, which still stands as a combat-sports record.

“We’ve sold over $3 million worth of tickets,” Ratner said of UFC 101. “No boxing match has ever sold that much. When you go back 75 years ago, Jack Dempsey fought there (Philadelphia), and they had 100,000 people watching the fight. But tickets in those days? Maybe if you interpolated those dollars into what it’s worth today, it wouldn’t be there, but actual dollars – like $3.2 million – [UFC 101] is the largest gate in Pennsylvania history.”

I’m sure everyone paid a shiny quarter eagle to see Jack Dempsey fight and it was highway robbery at the time, even though they didn’t have highways then. And I think if you used your interpolator to figure things out, Dempsey would still have the record.

But regardless, good for the UFC. It’s funny how every other sport gets shit on for high ticket prices while the UFC turns it into a big positive thing. Us hardcore fans are so desperate to see MMA succeed that we cheer louder the more the UFC gouges us.