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The UFC screws over


This is some fucked up stuff:

We received terrible news recently that the UFC will not approve our sponsorship of welterweight Jon Fitch at UFC Fight Night 10 on June 12, which is less than one week away. No reason was given and the folks who I attempted to contact over at UFC headquarters didn’t respond.

We all know that Dana White doesn’t like Sherdog because the guys running the site are always talking shit about him. But UFCMania is a UFC WEBSITE, it’s sole reason to exist is to talk about the UFC and promote UFC news and information. I’m sure if I took a magnifying glass to the site I’d be able to find the odd criticism here or there but on the whole it’s a rather glowing endorsement of the company and it’s events.

Overall this doesn’t really surprise me, but I feel bad for the guys at UFCMania. I’m sure the last thing they expected was to get ass fucked by the company they pour countless hours into promoting. Me, if Dana White invited me for dinner I’d expect him to stab me in the neck with a steak knife.

That’s just how the UFC rolls: they want to control their image and their news as tightly as possible, and anyone not from an actual ‘mainstream’ news source gets the cold shoulder. They would keep Loretta Hunt out of their press conferences if she didn’t have her Fight Network creds handy at all time. But don’t worry, Loretta … you’re always invited to my press conference where you can ask me hard hitting questions like “How can it be that big?” and “How can one man satisfy so many women around the world?”