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The UFC robs Tim Boetsch’s KO of the Night

Hey remember when Dana White said they wouldn’t release bonuses until fighters cleared their drug tests? Well that didn’t last very long. Perhaps the checks are held until testing comes back, but the announcements are still made now. That certainly makes a lot more sense than keeping mum on the subject until midway through next week when lab results are in and no one gives a shit any more.

Here’s the bonuses, which were bumped up to 60k a pop as a subtle “Shut the fuck up” to all the websites out there. There was a lot of talk over the past few weeks regarding the UFC tightening their belt with lower and lower bonus amounts, so I guess Dana thinks he can prove people wrong or at least throw them off guard with this latest spike in pay.

Fight of the Night: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia
Submission of the Night: Frank Mir
Knockout of the Night:
Chris Lytle

You can’t argue with the Frank Mir submission … managing a kneebar while being pounded upon by a giant freak is a feat to behold. And given the lack of a real competitive war on the card, I’m also down with Sylvia vs Nogueira getting the nod for fight of the night. I’m sure everyone is still just in shock over the fact that Tim Sylvia fought. He really fought. Wow. Blows my frackin’ mind. But Chris Lytle getting KO of the night? That’s just robbing Tim Boetsch, you fuckers.

Look at it like this: Chris Lytle’s opponent was a UFC virgin who’s record was padded with wins over a bunch of guys who have under .500 records. I haven’t seen a more disgraceful matchup in a long time. It’s almost to the point where the NSAC should be ashamed for even sanctioning that fight. Tim Boetsch’s record wasn’t exactly stellar either, but at least he was fighting someone with similar experience and skill in David Heath.

The point is, Boetsch’s win was much more impressive because you got the feeling going in that Heath was supposed to win, the same way Lytle was supposed to win. To me that makes Boetsch’s KO better. Pardon me if I’m not impressed by a salty veteran knocking the fuck out of a UFC virgin. How about we put Lytle up against a 14 year old next time so we have more excuses to give him bogus bonus money? I hate Chris Lytle so much. So very much.

  • adc says:

    I keep wondering why everybody say that this was “a big win” for Mir and “old Mir is back”. Dude submitted an ex pro wrestler who had 1-0 record. Yeah, he might become good fighter, but as of now he’s just a wrestler gone mma. I was impressed by his performance though, I’d love to see him back soon.

  • Márcio says:

    You’re so right… Tim Boetsch was robbed big time. Sometimes I wonder about the level of retardness of the people that make these decisions. Come on! The guy took the fight on short notice, beat the shit of his opponent and acomplished the most impressive KO of the night… his prize? Loosing 60K to Chris Lytle’s 33 second KO that was handled to him on a silver platter. That shit pisses me off.

  • dulljake says:

    that’s what you get when you suck Dana’s greasy cock, a la Lytle

  • Smitler says:

    Why don’t they make these awards based on some sort of fan voting system the day after the event? The fans are the ones that need satisfying after all. With modern web technology that should be a piece of piss surely? Give the fans 24 hours after the event to vote on a special site…count up the votes for each category…announce the winners.

  • dignan says:

    Smitler: The UFC give any control away, let alone to the fans? NEVER!!!

    I guess Tim Sylvia fought, but really got schooled. I wanted to say Nog almost got knocked out, but that has happened to him the last 3-4 fights…get dazed than submit.

    I don’t think I have ever seen anyone even come close to getting Sylvia in a guillotine, and sink one in that deep? fawk.

  • #1 jackal says:


    why dont we just have the fans do the match making, vote where the next fight should be held, vote for the ring girls, vote who should ref, vote for the winners of decisions etc….

    That is all I want, for the ufc to be ran by thousands of affliction shirt wearing season 6 tuff newb fans.

  • Smitler says:

    Yeah good ideas. UFC should be a democracy. Vive la revolution!!

  • I always had faith in Mir and knew if he could avoid the immediate onslaught he would pull out the victory.

    As far as Big Nog, he has made a career out of getting dazed and then securing the victory. I hope it doesn’t catch up to him later on….

  • FRANKIE says:

    New Lytle is fucking great. Quit hatin’.

  • Beau says:

    I like Lytle but I couldn’t agree with you more. The Barbarian fuckin demolished David Heath and when he tossed him on his head like a fuckin rag doll at the end that was fucikin awesome. That Dude’s life changed before our eyes. I’m pissed they didnt give him the bonus. I can’t wait to see the Barbarian fight again. A super brawl between him and Houston Alexander should definitely be in the works.

  • Vee says:

    I have to disagree. Chris Lytle’s victory over Kyle Bradley was extremely entertaining. A fight is a fight. While Tim Boetsch win was impressive, Lytle’s definitely deserved the knockout award on the entertainment factor alone.
    Every once in a while a newbie gets a shot at a fighter with a name. Hey Alexander was the unknown guy who pummeled Jardine.

    ^Beau, Alexander vs Boetsch would be great!

  • Xavier says:

    Agreed with number eleven. This is the lamest attempt at controversy I’ve seen Fightlinker try.

    End of the day, both were impressive knockouts. Flip a coin.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    The UFC bonus system isn’t going to do much to give guys an incentive to be exciting as some claim considering how contracts are currently. When you’re in the UFC, half of your potential contracted pay is gone if you lose. And taking into account the bonuses, you have a 1/3 chance (FOTN, KO or Sub out of 9 winners on a card) of getting a bonus if you Win. If you lose, you only have a 1/9 chance of getting a bonus (FOTN).

    Considering how the UFC system really punishes you if you don’t win (and often times they won’t call you back if you have even one loss), you’re damn well going to do everything in your power in order to win. Even if it means being a conservative motherfucking jabber like Tim Sylvia pre-Nogueira fight or a human blanket chipping away at guys with short elbows to get a decision or cut stoppage if luck prevails. That’s why the UFC “bonus system” doesn’t fucking work. The UFC incentives encourage fighters to win at all costs, not to be exciting. And being exciting IS important. Just ask Mayweather, who is booed like hell because he’s not exciting and everyone felt ripped off after his De La Hoya fight.

  • Atom says:

    Didn’t Lytle get Fight of the Night for his slugfest with Alves? That could have also been a reason to throw some bonus money someone else’s way.

  • operator says:

    Yeah he threw that fucker to the ground like he was in a streetfight. What was that a judo throw or just straight up brawling technique. Either way very effective. In Heaths defence I think he was already rocked from the knees.