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The UFC owns a shape!

Looks like all of those lawsuits the UFC started a while back are starting to hit the fan. Today’s UFC legal victory is against Total Fight Alliance. What crime did TFA commit that forced Dana White to sic his lawyers on them?

The court found that Total Fight Alliance, promoted by Todd Meacham, infringed on Zuffa’s Octagon trademarks by promoting fights inside an eight-sided cage and utilizing an Octagon for its TFA logo.

Wow. Just wow. Let it be known that the UFC officially owns a polygon. And not just any polygon … the octagon. When you think of it, that’s not too shabby … octagons are way cooler than 9-sided enneagons, and even the mighty 13-sided tridecagon just can’t touch it’s 8-sided sibling. I hope this is a lesson to everyone out in the MMA community that you can’t just USE any shape you want and expect to get away with it.

All us people out here in internet-land should be worried about this scorched earth approach to trademark protection, especially those withUFCin the name of their URLs. Or for that matter, an octagon in their logo. I have to wonder if the only reason Dana hasn’t come after these sites yet is because he’s too busy suing half the MMA promotions out there. Anyways, good luck to you guys … me, I’m already preparing for the day I get nailed for libel / slander / defamation of character / obscenity / hate crimes / etc.

  • 2short says:

    MLB has in fact brought notice against fan websites in the past that used team names, logos, etc in the website name. This occurred about 3-4 years ago, so what you suggest is not far fetched.

    Companies are required to protect IP. If they do not prtect IP, then it becomes public domain. An example of this would be Texas A&M vs. Seattle Seahawks for the use of 12th Man.

    The 12th Man was IP of Texas A&M, but they failed to protect it, so now the Seahawks have the right to use it as well.

    While this seems heartless and unfair, in reality it is a required business practice.

  • I just think it’s messed up. If someone had created the boxing ring in 1993, I guess no other sports would be allowed to use a square ring or have a square in their logo. Copyrights, patents, and all that shit are just out of control nowadays.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    I understand the IP laws. I do think this is a little over the line. I have less problem with protecting a logo than a cage configuration. Besides, the UFC says they want to standardize things across the whole sport. The Octagon(TM) as a universal fighting surface would be a steo in that direction, wouldn’t it?

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Chuck Norris made a movie called ‘The Octagon’ are they gonna sue his ass and the Production Co. that made it?

    Obviously not, but Dana goes to such lengths putting down all the ‘feeder’ organisations that nurture his future talent, stating how their not in the same league, and absolutely no competition…
    Then ZUFFA sue these same none competitors?

    This sucks a whales cock and swallows, IP or no IP this is like calling a disabled kid for double dribbling, you just gotta let some shit slide!

    Whats next they gonna sue the producers of that new porno;
    ‘The Ultimate Fucking Contest’?
    (And no I didn’t make that up google it losers)

    Ultimate Fatuos Cunts

  • intenso says:

    I bet what worries the UFC is that one of the small companies is going to have something really brutal happen (like, a ref letting some guy get pummled way to long, or whatever) and it’s going to be all over the news and everybody will think it’s the UFC.

  • Rick Pritchard says:

    Don’t be naive. When specifically talking about MMA, the Octagon is closely associated in the UFC. The UFC has every right to defend their IP and brand, and this is a perfect example.

    As yourself this: If you heard a TV commercial that did not specifically mention TFA, but it did mention that two fighters would be meeting in the Octagon, would you say to yourself, “Hey, that’s going to be a TFA fight!”. The answer is NO. You immediately associate the Octagon in the MMA world with the UFC.

    “Copyrights, patents, and all that shit are just out of control nowadays”. If you’re Microsoft or IBM, then yes. Otherwise no.

  • they closed down our site … bar stewards … if the rumour mill has it i’m led to believe bodogs investment in cage rage is purely so when their case goes to court bodog can throw in billions of dollars and beat the ufc’s pansy asses

  • Ian Dean says:

    How can you moan about the UFC shutting down a site called To be honest you were taking the micky and you knew it.

    Like it or not the UFC has a right to protect their trademark and although they may go over the top at times, if you put your business hat on you can blame them.

    I hope they will engage with the scene in the future so further incidents can be avoided

  • ajadoniz says:

    When you say Octagon, you immediately think UFC (whenever speaking of MMA, of course). Poster #2 is absolutely correct.

  • penxv says:

    Supreme gayness.

    SEG used the octagon before Zuffa was even in existance as I’m sure other promotions did as well. It’s not like the octagon or the term “ultimate fighting” was coined by a Zuffa employee. This is just thuggish bullshit.

  • Atom says:

    ^^What the hell are these weird ad comments, and why are they being made now?