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The UFC on TQS

Not that huge of news if you don’t live in Quebec and have never experienced trying to watch a Fight Night out at a bar here, but this is very happy news for me:

MONTREAL — The UFC has struck a French-language TV deal with TQS to air UFC events and programming in Quebec.

“UFC is huge in Canada, we have incredible fighters from there, and now fans in Quebec can experience UFC for free on TQS,” UFC president Dana White said in a statement Monday.

The deal calls for more than 52 hours of mixed martial arts coverage, including four live televised events, as well as episodes of “UFC Wired” and “UFC Unleashed.” “Wired” will be hosted by Rej Laplanche and Montreal middleweight Patrick Cote.

The first UFC event on TQS will be the April 1 UFC show from Nashville, Tenn., shown same day tape-delay at 10:30 p.m. ET.

I say boo to the tape delay but I’m still impressed that the UFC is putting so much effort into Quebec expansion. I hope they don’t think they can use the same announcers for France though. You may not know this, but there’s a pretty big difference between French French and Quebecois French. Long story short, Quebec french is gutter french as far as many people are concerned. If the UFC ports Patrick Cote into Parisian people’s houses, it’d come across like Jeff Foxworthy doing a redneck routine.