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The UFC might be recession proof but its friends aren’t

The UFC is doing so well that sometimes it’s easy to forget that many of the businesses around it are collapsing into the economic abyss. Here’s a quick wrap-up of a few affected parties:

Setanta Sports: Just missed a £10 million payment to the Football Association of England. Considering the fact that soccer over there ranks higher than Jesus and blowjobs, that’s not the kind of thing a company just forgets to do. Setanta shows all the UFC’s events in the UK and in many regions of Europe. Them falling apart would suck for the UFC.

THQ: Yeah, the video game looks great but the company is drowning in some serious red ink. Zak Woods reports that the company has lost over 300 million bucks this year and it’s stock has dropped from $20 to $2 a pop. I don’t think this is gonna affect the release of this year’s UFC game but I wouldn’t hold your breath for UFC 2010 if THQ goes bankrupt.

Station Casinos: My head hurts every time I try to read one of those Standard and Poor press releases, but things seem to be getting worse rather than better over there. Of course, it was Station Casino money that propped up the UFC through the dark ages. The two companies are completely seperate but it’s never good when your owners lose a business that was paying them nearly half a billion dollars a year.