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The UFC ‘loves’ Clay Guida?

So I’ve already bitched the UFC out for sugar coating Roger Huerta’s ride to the top while pitting Clay Guida against a who’s who of lightweight powerhouses. For the life of me I didn’t understand why the hell the UFC continued to feed Clay to the wolves bout after bout. Well, it turns out it’s because they … like him? From an article on InsideFighting:

The UFC leadership also gave lots of words of encouragement to him, according to Guida.

“They came up to me personally and said they thought I got hosed. Joe Silva said ‘We don’t care, you can lose ten fights like that and we’ll keep you.’ They said. ‘We had you winning.'” says Guida.

“[UFC co-owner] Lorenzo Fertita invite me to Vegas to workout with him and he said I was the most exciting fighter on the card and possibly in the UFC right now. That’s a pretty bold statement and it was definitely very complimentary.”

Joe Silva is such a snakeoil salesman. I’m sure he’s saying they’ll keep Guida forever, but one lackluster fight and they’ll likely toss him out just like they did with Nick Diaz. The reality of the situation is all these wins give you a reputation as a fighter who just can’t win the big fights. Just ask Joe Riggs how that’s worked out for him so far. Plus, words are nice but a man’s gotta get paid! UFC contracts usually pay double for a win, and Clay’s been robbed twice now. Here’s where you gotta cross your fingers and hope Dana White is really throwing some money around under the table.

Anyways, statements like the one above make me more hopeful that Clay’s fight will be shown at UFC74. That’s right … the fight may be the swing match or might not be shown at all. Boo-urns.

  • hankd says:

    Huerta – avg to good fighter that’s good looking and Mexican
    Guida – great fighter that looks like a cross between a homeless man and a monkey

    I’m sure the UFC does love his exciting fights, but don’t expect to see him as a main or co-main fighter because then they’d have to push him and put him on a poster or something. Guida will have to beat a who’s who list a mile long before he gets a title shot…tough road for him. Prett lame, but that’s how it is…

  • I just hope his next fight is on a UFC Fight Night. Give that boy some exposure!

  • hankd says:

    I agree!!

  • Ryan says:

    Fightlinker, the key to Silva’s statement is: “lose ten fights LIKE THAT.” So long as you consistently put on fight of the night, we’ll keep you… grrrreat.