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The UFC locks up Randy Couture

The UFC is making sure that Strikeforce doesn’t even get a sniff of any of it’s heavyweight roster. First they locked up Brock Lesnar, and now Randy Couture is the owner of a shiny new 6 fight three year deal. Not only that, but Randy is as giddy as a schoolgirl over the contract, which is apparently a ‘slightly modified version of the deal offered to Fedor Emelianenko in July’.

While this pretty much guarantees that Randy will finish his career with the UFC, what’s next is still a mystery. Everyone’s been ragging on Couture for getting knocked on his ass several times by Big Nog, and the general consensus is he’s worn out his welcome at heavyweight. I dunno if moving to light heavyweight is gonna help out considering how hard all the guys down there punch, and there’s also the fact that Randy might find himself too slow for the lighter weight class.

I’m not gonna shit on Couture too much because I thought he fought the good fight at UFC 102. But there are no easy fights when you make the kind of money Randy is now paid … unless the UFC decides to put him up against the winner of Coleman / Ortiz.