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The UFC jumps the gun at Omaha

Bloody Elbow has a great reader’s diary on their frontpage from someone who was at the UFC Fight Night in Omaha yesterday. One thing of particular interest to me:

The tickets all indicated that doors opened at 3:45 and the first fight started at 4:45.   At 4:30 they dimmed the lights and Dan Miller and Rob Kimmons were in the ring ready to go. That fight and the McFedries/Massenzio fight were both OVER by about 4:45 and several people who walked in close to 4:45 were confused and disappointed that two fights were over already before the stated starting time.   I figured they should have been there early for an event like this anyway, but can’t blame them for being a bit upset — how often does anything in this world start *early*?

They did the same fucking thing at the UFC event in Montreal. There was a lineup running several blocks for people waiting to get into the Bell Center. I used my fancy press pass to skip the queue and I was expecting to have a good 30 minutes to find my seat, set up my shit and prep the liveblog for Fighters Only. Instead I walk in to find Jonathan Goulet and Kuniyoshi Hironaka already in the cage about to start fighting.

For me it was just a stressful inconvenience trying to get my shit together, but I can’t imagine how pissed all the people were who only got into the building after Goulet won his fight. If Omaha peeps are wondering if the early start was for TV purposes, I’d say I doubt it since they did the same bullshit to us in Montreal.