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The UFC is still trying to ignore history

The guys from Bloody Elbow spent I don’t want to think how much time on listing out all 177 fights up for the UFC’s Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights, and guess what! It’s as if the company went through the list and removed all the guys they no longer want to promote:

Now as far as the Ultimate 100 ballot, it really is telling as to how Zuffa sees the history of the UFC. Richard has compiled a list of all the fights nominated and its in the full entry. He’s also got a list of the 39 most nominated fighters.

I haven’t had time to do a complete analysis, but its pretty telling that Jonathan Goulet is featured in 3 fights on the list and former champions Frank Shamrock and Maurice Smith clock in for a combined 0.

Early champs Don Frye and Mark Coleman get short-shrift as well with a combined two fights.

I’m sorry, but any one who was paying attention knows that Frank Shamrock’s defeat of Tito Ortiz at UFC 22 was one of the all-time greatest fights in UFC history. Not only did it pit a four-time champion defending his belt against the absolute no doubt #1 contender, it was also the rare match where the challenger was the favorite.

There’s a similar brou-haha going on over UFC Hall of Fame inductions. Last week the UFC announced that it would be inducting two people into the oft-ignored Hall of Fame, which really consists of nothing more than a neat trophy, a shitty page on the UFC website, and an eventual seat in the “We hate Dana White” club. Everyone with half a brain immediately concluded that the inductees would be Chuck Liddell and Mask from Tapout.

Many voiced their annoyance that guys like Tito and Frank Shamrock would continue to be ignored and blah blah blah even the Baseball Hall of Fame – which is bullshit – is less bullshit than the UFC Hall of Fame. And sure, they’re right, but they’re missing an important point: the UFC Hall of Fame has been around for what … ten years? The baseball hall of fame has been around since 1936. Is anyone really worried that 50 years from now, the hall of fame will still ignore guys that Dana wanted ignored?

The Greatest 100 is meaningless. it’s nothing more than an excuse to give fans 5 hours of carefully crafted UFC marketing. The hall of fame is meaningless too … right now. But as time goes on and the sport grows larger, it’ll start to matter and I’m sure the right people (and not so right people) will be added. If we’re not post-apocalyptic cavemen trying to survive in a world full of mutated super beasts by then. In which cases we have bigger issues to worry about.