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The UFC is nice … kinda

For all the slack I cut on the UFC underpaying their fighters, there are a few feel good stories that emerge from the pile of broken dreams. In this case, the story is about Jason Lambert. Lambert’s opponent Wilson Gouveia had to pull out of their September 22nd bout with a busted nose, and now Lambert is stuck without an opponent for the show:

“Jason is in fantastic shape and ready to go,” said his North County Fight Club manager Jeff Clark Monday. Clark says his client has been instructed to stay fight-ready for the 205-pound heavy Sept. 22 event in case of a dropout.

“The UFC was generous enough to offer Jason his show money if he comes to the event prepared,” says Clark. “I think it was respectful of them to recognize that Jason had put a lot of time and effort in up to this point.”

That’s a pretty decent step up for the UFC to still pay Jason despite the fact he’s not getting to fight. Realistically the chances of another light heavyweight pulling out this close to the wire is nearly zero, so it’s more of a goodwill gesture than anything else. No word yet on if the UFC will also help out Gouveia at all with his medical bills, training expenses, or general cost of living. But hey … fuck him right? Bastard hurt himself.

  • garth says:

    fuck him indeed. fighters will continue to get paid shit til they organize. they have a chance to do a good job of it too, like put out Mafia Traps beforehand so the dons get stuck on a sticky pad that smells like cannolli.

  • If I’m not mistaken (and you can go bug Erin about this), but in California the SAC wants the purses of the fighters guaranteed up front so that if a fighter misses weight or a show gets canceled, the fighter(s) are still paid their listed salary.

    On an interview with Fight Network Radio yesterday, Lambert said that UFC is paying him and has told him he is on standby in case another fighter drops out and is needed as a last minute fill-in.

  • That’s an interesting note Zach and may help to quell a lot of the complaints over MMA pay if it was at least partially guaranteed. I am not sure if it’s happened much in MMA but there are a lot of documented cases in pro wrestling of shows being organized and wrestlers coming in only to have low turnout at the show. They are then unable to collect their money and not only don’t get paid but are in the hole for travel expenses, etc.

    Didn’t they require K-1 to forward money upfront? I seem to remember them having to do something odd with their salaries but I could be wrong.

    In any case it’s good on the UFC to still reward Lambert for training for the fight so he’s not completely screwed, even though he won’t get to fight for months (at least thats how long Gouveia’s supposed to be out.)

  • garth says:

    like a couple thou is going to put the UFC out of business anyways. didn’t pride do some setup where they paid their fighters whether they had a fight scheduled or not, to keep them from straying?
    of course anytime I think about pride’s business practices i get a little bummed.