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The UFC is going in for the kill

Sam Caplan makes a good point when he talks about the ethics of the Affliction cock-block event:

The July 19 UFC Fight Night is not good for the long-term growth of the sport, but it could be good for the long-term growth of the UFC. I can understand why purists do not like the move, but can’t we think logically for a second? White is not a paid good-will ambassador of MMA. He’s paid by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to run the UFC and ensure it remains the market leader in the sport. Would White be any good at his job if he willingly allowed his competition to overtake him?

As mentioned before, no one should really be surprised that the UFC is doing this … they have a long history of fucking with the competition. I’m actually quite surprised that the gloves haven’t come off with EliteXC like they have with Affliction, but I’m still expecting that sooner rather than later. All these new promotions are the biggest threat to the UFC’s domination ever (say what you will about PRIDE competing for fighters, they were never a threat to the UFC’s American market), and if they find success there’s only going to be more competition sprouting up. You’ve heard Dana talk: he wants to be the NASCAR of MMA, the NFL or the MLB. In short he wants the UFC to be the only major league. There’s no problem with minor leagues, so long as they know who’s the bitch and who’s the master.

The UFC is already pretty damned close to owning the entire pie in North America. If they can bitchslap Affliction and EliteXC out of existence, then there’s a good chance they’ll have won another round and possibly the final round in the battle for complete supremacy. I’m no longer sure if this is a good prospect or not. Back in the day I used to think so, but considering all the petty personal vendettas that tend to keep shit from working out in the UFC, I see a dominant UFC acting more like an evil empire than anything else.

  • Stellar53 says:

    It’s a cut-throat world and every day business. Believing that Elite-XC and Affliction are actually “threats” to the UFC is ridiculous and everyone thinking that the UFC is doing this because they are scare that affiliction is going to take over is funny. They are doing it because it is what they are supposed to do in business, crush any competitor that thinks they can compete and put them in their place. Affliction is spending a lot of money on this show and the way it has been going they were probably going to lose quite a lot of money in the first place. Now that the UFC are going to show Anderson Silva fight for free on SpikeTV, Affliction has no chance and who can blame the UFC for doing so.

  • Sounds like Lorenzo Fertitta is going to start working full time for the UFC as Co-Head as a way of expanding the Evil Empire.

  • Iain says:

    Sam Caplan in “stating the obvious” shock!

  • crs says:

    “but considering all the petty personal vendettas that tend to keep shit from working out in the UFC, I see a dominant UFC acting more like an evil empire than anything else.”

    It’s sad when two mafia members hold grudges less than a former Jazzercize instructor.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Petty personal vendettas?

    Its almost always money. Randy? Money. Barnett? Money. Tito? Ok, that one I give you.

    All the talk of Dana holding grudges is overblown.