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The UFC hasn’t given up on New York yet

It’s t-minus four days until the New York State Assembly session ends and with it MMA’s hopes and dreams of finally being sanctioned this year. Once again the sport has jumped all the hurdles set up in front of it, but unfortunately some douchebags at the top aren’t letting it come up for the final votes it needs to finally be legalized. I don’t know how much good it’ll do, but Dana White has an op-ed in the New York Daily News on the situation:

How successful would the sport be here? We got a taste a few weeks ago. A fight at the Rogers Centre in Toronto brought in ticket sales at the gate of more than $12 million – the largest for any event ever held at the arena. The sellout crowd of more than 55,000 – bigger than when an NFL game was held there – poured in to the city early and stayed late, purchasing arena concessions, staying in hotel rooms, dining at restaurants and taking taxis.

I am positive that an event in New York would have the same kind of success. While Madison Square Garden is obviously a pinnacle for any sport, we have a large fan base in cities like Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and Albany, all of which could use the economic lift.

We commissioned an economic impact study to demonstrate how much revenue one of our events would generate for the State of New York. The study, by HR & A, found that sanctioning MMA in New York City would generate more than $23 million in net new economic activity. In Buffalo, an event would generate $5.2 million in economic activity.

Those figures assume only two UFC events, and we estimate we could do as many as three per year in New York State.

Little wonder momentum is growing to overturn the ban. The state Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to sanction mixed martial arts and the Assembly’s tourism committee followed suit; now it’s time to allow a full Assembly vote.

The sports capital of the world deserves access to one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, one that will bring money and jobs to state and local businesses.

No surprise he went for the ol’ “It’s safe / Boosts local economy” one two. I just wish there was a kick to the junk of the politicians who are blocking this thing from getting a vote. A nice rage over the subversion of democracy and all that. I suppose calling the Unite Here guys and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver cunts would hurt more than help, but look at all the attention the word got Joe Rogan!