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The UFC has a lot of tickets to sell

The UFC just announced that UFC 123, aka the event with the incredibly stupid Rampage Jackson vs Lyoto Machida headline fight, will be held in Detroit. Well, not technically Detroit … Detroit suburb Auburn Hills. But same difference … that’s just where The Palace of Auburn Hills is, the 24,000+ person sports mega-hive that houses the NBA’s Pistons.

Now I don’t know much about Detroit. Everything I know I gleaned from the headlines of articles that make it sound a few steps above a post-apocalyptic Terminator 3 warzone. That doesn’t sound like an ideal place to sell twenty four thousand tickets at the standard event average of $300 a ticket. Bloody Elbow writer and brave post-economy Michigan survivor Brent Brookhouse agrees:

Then there is the realist in me that is fairly certain the ticket sales for this event will be a disappointment. The Michigan economy is pretty awful and we’re sporting the second highest unemployment rate in the country (even with a recent boom of new jobs). Nevada is first and obviously the UFC is strong there, but it also has the benefit of Las Vegas being a destination and there being a lot of money in the pockets of a lot of people. Michigan is a state that I just can’t see a major UFC event selling well in.

Dana White complained about Boston ticket sales doing poorly (the event crawled sluggishly past 14,000 attendence) and blamed it on the economy being bad there. Even if Detroit does better, the Palace is a big freaking venue. Are we gonna be seeing cheaper tickets, or curtains covering the entire top bowl?

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    Everytime the ufc or wec come to sac they always sell out. Pretty upset 52 isnt going to be in sac.

  • YoungDonDraper says:

    I live about 3 miles north of the city limits of Detroit, and am a huge sports/music fan so I’ve been to all of the venues in the area. I also work in advertising/PR so I have some experience with the inside workings of them as well. The fact is, there is just no other option for the UFC in Detroit.

    The Red Wings play at one of the iconic stadiums, The Joe Louis Arena, but it is OLD and is going to be replaced soon. The Lions play at Ford Field, which is larger than the Palace, the Tigers play at Comerica, which when configured for a concert (gotta think that’s similar to a UFC config) fits 42,000 (and it’s open air). We have a few nice, small concert halls, but no high quality mid-sized arenas. The Palace was the only choice, but it’s a nice place that would fit the UFC style. When the WWE came to town that’s where they held it (I know of that through the newspaper, I hate that garbage).

    As for the economy, yes the city of Detroit is basically Mad Max come to life. My neighborhood is nice, suburban, young, and middle class – but if I was to jog south for 20 minutes I would have access to dozens of varieties of crack. Once you cross 8 mile, it’s desolation.

    However, what Detroit does have is a HUGE suburban community that still has young people with money to spend. After the race riots in the 60’s, there was the famous “White Flight” and the middle-to-upper class left the city (it’s kind of a misnomer, the middle-to-upper class black people left too). That, combined with horrible, horrible Mayors that bred a ridiculous atmosphere of corruption (companies won’t come to Detroit due to the amount of people they have to bribe to do business. It’s starting to change under our new Mayor though).

    Last night and tonight, JayZ and Eminem are playing at Comerica, and both shows are sold out at 42,000 people each. That’s 84,000 tickets, and they weren’t cheap either. So while it’s really terrible here, this city loves sports and music, and we’ll still turn out in droves to see something we care about.

    On top of that, the UFC hasn’t been near here before, so you’ll have people pouring in from the whole state, including Michigan State (50k students) and U of M (lots, but fuck them anyway).

    Anyway, what I’m saying is – Detroit = Bad but ticket sales will still be fine.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully says:

    “The UFC has a lot of tickets to sell”
    hmmm…With UFCs track record you are trying to make this sound like a bad thing. Usually you are complaining about scalpers. Must be that time of the month again.

  • variable says:

    If you are curious what Detroit is like just watch Robo Cop

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    LOL at using Bloody Tampon as a source when writing a UFC story. Might as well ask Hitler to pen an opinion piece on Jews.

    Shitty Elbow is the worst hack site out there. People need to stop going there and let that turd fade away.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    lol I was gonna mention Robocop too. Detroit has to be one of the last palces i would ever go… right a head of Iran and North Korea

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Some Nerd, who is totally not me says: RoboCop was actually Dallas, guys. I mean, come on.

  • DaltonSwayze says:

    It didn’t sell out in Boston because the tickets are fucking expensive and the card wasn’t very compelling. I live 45 minutes south of the city and I was really excited, but once I saw the ticket prices, plus the pretty lackluster card, I decided not to shell out the money. Lo and behold, the card was pretty boring, and Dana White basically gives his hometown the bird by giving us just a single interesting matchup(Diaz-Davis)

  • Gina's boy toy says:

    And you guys make fun of me for coming from Jersey yet Detroit is worst.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    nice try DJ… wrong again

    “In a dystopic & crime ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg with submerged memories haunting him.”

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