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The UFC goes to China

Cotai Arena, Macau

Dana White has been talking about trying to break into the Chinese market for quite some time now, and being the Vegas boys that they are, I guess it’s no surprise that the hole Zuffa dug surfaced in the gambling mecca of Macau (home to 5 of the world’s top 10 largest casinos).  The UFC announced on Tuesday that they’ll make their first Marco Polo-esque trip to the ridiculously huge Venetian Macao’s 15,000-seat CotaiArena on November 10th.  But despite the venue, in keeping with their recent trend to reserve the PPV shows for North/South America, the event will be “UFC On Fuel 6″… that sound you hear is 15,000 Chinese going: “Aww, what da herr?!”

If I was a gambling man, I’d feel fairly safe betting money on three things.  One: the Venetian Macao is the world’s biggest casino, with a gaming area 3.5 times bigger than anything the Fertittas own, the sight of which is sure to make their casinoboners either uncomfortably large or shrink like intimidated turtles.  Two: the card will feature several of their remaining Asian stars, and likely Zhang Tiequan’s “win or GTFO” fight (he’s specifically mentioned in the press release).  And three: there’s gonna be a whole lotta fake UFC merch getting hawked around Macau that weekend.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    “Joe Son Rape Kit”
    “Rampage Jackson’s Special Formula 409 Red Bull”
    “Dana White ‘Fuck’ drinking game”
    “UFC Champion shirts featuring Carlos Newton and Pat Miletich”

  • PooCommander says:

    And when you see 200,000 Chinese each waving a knockoff glow thingy in perfect synchronization with each other while expressionlessly staring into the camera first you’ll shit your pants and then you’ll run for the hills.

    BTW: Knockoff merch, how long before they just come out with a bootleg UFC (FUC?)

    “Is jus rike Yueffsee, but much betta bargain. We have great Dandelsong Rilsa meets Chair Noosen.”

  • glassjawsh says:

    somewhere in the southwest, scissors is deeply offended by this post

  • Jenny Talia says:

    Macao and mainland China is the same thing in the same way that Guam and/or Puerto Rico is just like the continental USA, if Americans needed a fucking visa to go there.