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The UFC emergency flowchart needs some work

Once again, Jordan Breen rails against the way seriously knocked out fighters are treated by the UFC during broadcasts:

Following a brutal head kick from Matt Hamill (and also an unconscious knee to his own face as his body collapsed on itself) Saturday night at UFC 96, abracadabra: Munoz disappeared. This after the ever-excited Joe Rogan informed the viewing public he was still unconscious and the camera caught the influx of medical personnel into the cage to tend to him before the boys in the truck heard the incantation.

Opting to ignore the circumstance resulted in a bit of macabre amusement, as all the parties in the Octagon continuously stared off to their right, or trotted off to the camera left, where Munoz was being invisibly checked out. It seemed like the beginning of a morbid Monty Python sketch, where every human being in the universe (perhaps animals, cartoon characters and religious figures, as well) would eventually enter the cage, stare to their right and disappear to the camera left. Perhaps Munoz himself would enter the Octagon as the climax of the scene.

Even live, it was strange indeed watching the UFC pull the ‘nothing bad happening here’ act perhaps 10 feet from the body of a dude who hasn’t moved for about 5 minutes. We talked about it last week though: these kinds of knockouts always look terrible but also end 99% of the time with the fighter leaving the hospital before the post-event press conference is over. So I can understand why Zuffa wouldn’t want to show several minutes of Munoz struggling to regain his ability to move.

Still, in this case Munoz DID walk out on his own. Watching the event again, they didn’t show him leaving and they didn’t update us on the situation. I can get not wanting to show the result of a particularly brutal KO but if the guy who was knocked out leaves the ring under his own power shouldn’t the UFC at least inform people of that? I can understand that sometimes there are no updates until the event is over, but that wasn’t the case in this point. Why didn’t they say something?