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The UFC doesn’t seem interested in Diaz vs Silva

An update on that whole Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva superfight the Diaz camp proposed over the weekend. Silva’s translator Ed Soares tweeted that he thinks the fight isn’t a bad idea, but then again he thinks Anderson / Rich 3 isn’t a bad idea either. And Cesar Gracie explains to Middle Easy what Nick’s reasoning was in issuing his challenge. But the most important thing to note here is the UFC’s monolithic silence on the subject, a sign that they’re not all that enthused about the latest matchmaking suggestion coming up from their roster.

What confuses me is why not. 2011 and 2012 have been rough years with big fights few and far between. Now Nick Diaz is offering to move up in weight to take on Anderson Silva and the UFC shrugs its shoulders. They want Weidman, because he’s next according to their convoluted ranking system. When did the system designed to ensure a conveyor belt of challengers become more important than the opportunity to book huge fights people actually care about?

Now I understand the difficulties in putting together an Anderson Silva / Nick Diaz fight. Nick’s not exactly the kind of guy you want to rely on in a superfight situation. He’s also suspended until 2013 or until he overthrows the NSAC’s tyrannical stance on marijuana. We obviously would like to see the Spider before then, thus their laser like focus on Weidman. But for the UFC to just ignore this fight possibility the same way we’re currently stuck ignoring GSP vs Anderson and Anderson vs Jon Jones does not bode well for the future of exciting matchmaking. The UFC now has a formula for such things, and as you might have noticed by how long Gladiator Man / Bring the Pain lasted, the UFC doesn’t like straying from its formulas.

  • TheButtsexSocialist says:

    So let me get this straight,
    you think that Diaz is higher up on the ranking for a title shot @ 185 then the guy who just beat the guy who was next for a title shot?

    I dont think flamderson has any right to be challenging 170’s to fights,
    being the alleged goat and all,
    but when has that stopped his michael jackson child molester ass either.

    But since batshit Diaz is game,
    then sure.

    That might actually be a decent fight.

    Diaz never gets KO’d.

    And he’s good in a flurry in the pocket.

    I figure flamderson dances around outside all night and beats on his face to a decision like Condit did though.

    It would still be a fun fight,
    but flamderson (and zuffa) would still be pussy ass bullshitter’s afterwards just like they were before.

  • Letibleu says:

    someone fucked with nicks wiki page

  • frickshun says:


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