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The UFC doesn’t care about their Ireland show either

Dave Meltzer explains it in the Wrestling Obsever update:

There is no Countdown of UFC 93 show.   Next week’s UFC on Spike will include two hours of Unleashed on Tuesday night, one hour on Wednesday night, plus the debut of UFC Primetime, a 30 minute three-week series on Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn at 10 p.m. on Wednesday.   The only show leading to UFC 93 will be a new All Access show with Rich Franklin that airs at 1 a.m. on Thursday, hardly a time slot many with stumble onto the show and buy the PPV.   I sense the recognition after drawing big numbers in November and December, and another big number expected on 1/31, that they aren’t even trying to push 1/17 hard knowing the money is 1/31.

There you have it: The UFC is big enough to leapfrog the promoting of their own shows. Nothing says “this is the B team” like sending guys overseas and not pushing the event. They might as well charge $29.99 for this one to thank the fans who are gonna buy an Ireland show at 12 PM PST, as it wasn’t a lot last time (The Wrestling Observer had it pegged at around 200,000.)

This is not the first time Rich Franklin has been saddled with carrying an Ireland pay per view. The last one was headlined by Franklin vs. Yushin Okami, which garnered the above estimate. Rich is the UFC’s whipping boy. He’s cursed with them forcing him to move to a weightclass they needed a star in on a garbage contract, making him move back up when they needed a main event, saddling him in Pay Per Views with guys who only had one televised fight beforehand (Loiseau, Okami, Anderson), making him move up again when one of those guys got famous at his expense (and his nose), then putting him in a fight on an unpromoted event where the winner has to drop back down for an easy win nobody will care about (including the two fighters). If I was Franklin I’d take the ” target=”_blank”>Fingerpoke of Doom to stay at 205, where I could at least win a title.

On top of that: Henderson can draw with Franklin but they won’t push the show, favoring GSP and BJ Penn instead. Hendo’s been in two ginormous title fights and was a semi-co-main to Rich himself just a few months ago in Atlanta. You’d think if they’re gonna do anything on the ethos of a fighter it’d be Dan and not Rich, who was the first guy to even have his own All Access show. If you turn on Spike at 1 AM next week and see Franklin talking about David Loiseau, you might as well call your friends after the Pay Per View for results since the UFC will officially be phoning this one in too.