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The UFC butters up New York for legalization

The UFC had a press conference in New York yesterday to announce they’re still gunning for legalization. Maybe there was a little plugging of UFC 128: Shogun vs Evans in New Jersey TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!!!!1, but yeah … legalization in NYC! And why shouldn’t they be pushing hard for it? They’ve already payed for it to the tune of nearly 2 million dollars over the past 3 years:

The tab for lobbying in New York last year eclipsed $500,000, based on public filings and interviews with UFC executives. Zuffa also contributed $130,000 to political campaigns, including $36,800 to incoming Gov. Andrew Cuomo, $34,000 to Democratic campaign committees, $10,000 to Republican campaign committees and $1,000 to $3,800 to a dozen different influential state senators and assembly members. Zuffa spent $530,000 lobbying in New York in 2009 and $595,000 there in 2008.

See, that’s how American politics work: just saying “Hey retards, there’s no evidence that MMA eats babies, while on the other hand it will definitely generate jobs and millions for the state” doesn’t work. You need lobbyists to shovel piles of money into the trough of the pigs in power. It doesn’t even really matter what the argument is so long as the cash flows. There are companies out there that make Zuffa look like pissants that do the exact same thing with their very specific baby-eating policies. And lemme tell you what, it doesn’t take them 3 years to get their mouths on that tender, delicious child meat.

  • NinjaCodah says:

    Yep, Mixed Martial Arts is like Martial Art mixed with VIOLENCE.

  • scissors61 says:

    Somebody’s gotta grease the wheels. I’m perfectly fine with Zuffa doing all the big-money lobbying they want to get this sport legalized and regulated everywhere.

  • Predator8u says:

    it ends with the… “AXE MURDERER”

    im sure that clip scared the shit out of all the old Jewish(whatever) ladies in NYC which is what they wanted.

  • Rad_Brad says:

    For the first time in my life I can honestly say that your description of child meat made me curious at what it might taste like… .. . . .