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The UFC 88 betting breakdown

With Parisyan vs Yoshida off the card for this week’s UFC, there’s not a whole lot of interesting shit to bet on. But let’s take a quick look at what’s there in terms of UFC betting:

Chuck Liddell (-260) vs Rashad Evans (+200)
I’m pretty amazed that Chuck hasn’t slid past -300 (note: he’s done that on several other sportsbooks, so I’d buy in on BetUS soon before their odds change too). The general consensus from everyone is that Rashad is tailor made for Chuck to KTFO. Could this be people still feeling stung over Liddell’s loss to Keith Jardine? Rashad Evans comes from the same camp and it’d be foolish to ignore the possibility that he’ll bring in the same gameplan Jardine did. But I’m still putting money on Chuck because I bet his camp anticipated this possibility and have a plan of their own. Chuck is the man, and there’s a definite edge here on him at -260.

Rich Franklin (-230) vs Matt Hamill (+180)
Rich doesn’t get the respect he deserves because most people can’t see past the two epic ass whuppings he received at the hands of Anderson Silva. On the other hand, I’m not putting money down on this fight because I just don’t know where Rich’s head is. He looked like shit against Yushin Okami and was slow to start versus Jason MacDonald and Travis Lutter. Matt Hamill is also a bad person to make your debut at 205 – he’s all retard strength. While I’m pretty confident that Franklin will win, I’m not gonna put any money down on it.

Dan Henderson (-185) vs Rousimar Palhares (+145)
I put some money on Palhares back when he was up at +185, but it’s more of a “Eh, could happen” bet than a well thought out edge identification. Palhares is too much of an unknown to be a sure thing. We’ve all heard rave reviews of his jiu jitsu skills but he’s never faced anyone like Dan Henderson and beating Ivan Salaverry past his expiry date just doesn’t prove he can hack it against the top guys. If you’re feeling like you want a decent underdog pick, you can have some fun with Palhares, but I didn’t put much action on him.

Martin Kampmann (+125) vs Nate Marquardt (-155)
I was tempted to put some money on Kampmann just because fuck Nate, but cooler heads prevailed. This fight is too close and the odds just don’t justify a play. I’m going for Kampmann … I think a lot of people are underestimating him. But again, there’s no edge here.

Thiago Tavares (-280) vs Kurt Pellegrino (+210)
I put some play on Pellegrino … the guy’s looked really good even when he’s lost and Tavares has stunk up the octagon in his last two outings. I know Pellegrino is too dumb to read and write, but he’s a crafty jiu jitsu fighter and if Tavares hasn’t learned how to fight someone using butterfly guard, he’s gonna get subbed.

Dong Hyun Kim (-450) vs Matt Brown (+275)
Dong is the man, but not at -450.

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