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The TUF weight shuffle

I’ve heard all kinds of reasons why people drop weight class, but if you want a treat, than listen to the justification behind The Ultimate Fighter’s Tom Lawlor dropping down from 205 to 185:

“I’m not walking out of [my UFC fights] with Chuck Liddell money at this point … so it’s really hard for me to eat as many calories as I need to,” Lawlor joked. “Plus, I really, really like to booze on the weekends, so a lot of money goes to that. I really don’t have a lot of money for food, so I’ve been losing weight at a rapid rate ever since I quit my job about a year ago. It’s been kind of tough for me to keep the weight on.”

Now, I understand that there’s a bit of tongue and cheek here, so I won’t even tell you what’s retarded about that statement. It’s becoming a tradition for TUF washouts at heavier weight classes to drop a once the guys start loosing in the octagon. For Lawlor, it’s a smart decision; the light heavyweight division is fucking stacked, and it can’t afford another average guy fighting for leftovers. Plus, Lawlor claims to walk around at 205, so if that’s true, he’s at a major disadvantage. I haven’t seen anything amazing out of the guy, and the only reason I thought it was worth mentioning is because of how dumb that jokes makes him look. If he keeps being this entertaining, he might just have a fucking future.