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The truth about the octagon

The internet is like a gigantic bag full of endless awesome. Every time I think I’ve run out of new shit to see / read / experience, someone figures out a new sexual act that sets the world on fire or puts together a new Youtube or Facebook or Twitter to swallow my day. While not on the same scale as all that, the blog put together by Kazja13 is certainly a great way to kill some time.

Kazja13 is Greg “Kazja” Patschull, a dude from California who owns Tap Out Taco, was one of the first MMA promoters in California, and claims to have invented the Octagon. If Kazja is telling the truth, he comes across way too batshit insane to be able to prove it. But regardless, he’s had more run ins with the California State Athletic Commission than Nick Diaz x1000. And he likes to scan and post all the documents, newspaper clippings, and other random shit that comes out of these tussles. While I wouldn’t blindly trust anything Kazja says, the paperwork on the site is worth checking out. It’s an interesting glimpse into the early early early days of MMA.