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“The Truth” about Bradon Vera’s contract dispute

We all remember that long fucking period of time where Brandon Vera did nothing but sit on the sidelines bitching about how his manager screwed him over and didn’t represent him properly with the UFC? Well, the arbitration ruling over that whole thing came back and the verdict is that if there was mismanagement, Vera didn’t do enough to prove it. And now his former manager Mark Dion is firing back with details of the whole situation, painting Brandon Vera with a pretty greedy brush:

The UFC was offering a $100,000 signing bonus to Vera, IF and only IF Vera became a UFC Champion. Brandon was unwilling to settle for these terms given that he received a $100,000 signing bonus on his previous contract. After all, why would Vera want to settle for the same signing bonus he received from his second contract with the UFC, when his stock had skyrocketed after two big wins over Assuerio Silva and Frank Mir and remaining undefeated in the UFC? That would be like A-Rod re-signing with the Yankees under the same terms as his rookie contract with the Seattle Mariners.

The evidence shows that Vera was not interested in a $100,000 signing bonus that was contingent on him becoming the UFC Champion. Vera wanted a $1.5 Million signing bonus upfront.

Not only that, but Vera also turned down a 7 million over 4 year contract, plus the other amounts shown on that post-it note shown above. The whole page is VERY interesting and worth reading from top to bottom. Not only do you get to see the negotiation process work itself out, but you also get dollar amounts, emails, phone numbers, etc etc ect. If I was Mark Dion I’d have gone over these things with a sharpie before releasing em, but hey … it’s more fun for everyone this way anyways.

  • steve24 says:

    Haha.. They have Dana Whites email address on their. That is going to be a problem.

  • Zurich says:

    Oh damn, Vera got the legal smackdown put on him. OUCH.

  • JoshMan says:

    Gasp! Somebody wants more money so they act like a little bitch. First I’ve heard of such behavior.

  • Difference here is that Vera accused his manager of being the bitch when in truth he shot himself in the foot asking for Chuck money.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness says:

    Very intriguing stuff to read. No big surprise that Brandon Vera is a blackbelt in douchebaggery. Makes me glad that Big Tim put the ogre-smack on his return. This guy’s got Couture syndrome. FL, ya gotta do a post on Couture’s latest crap. “Wah wah wah, I don’t want to honor my UFC contract that I personally signed unless I fight Fedor, I don’t get enough respect for going 4-3 in my last 7 fights even though everyone calls me the greatest” … 3 months later … “I won’t fight Fedor in the UFC”.

  • dukes says:

    Also, Look what Vera got when he returned to action on 10/20/07 when he fought Sylvia…..$100K! This is only $10K more than the UFC had offered him nearly a year earlier when he turned down “offer #1” on the post it.

    So, he sits out a year and jockeys for more cash and only gets $10K more!!!


    He now has to pay Mark Dion $33K of that fight money!!!!!

    Brandon is a *decent* fighter and an AWFUL businessman!

  • kentyman says:

    Now he’s got two losses on his record. The Truth hurts!

  • Omomatta says:

    F-Vera! Dion should have written in there along with the money, a “Bang Vera’s Wife” clause.

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo says:

    Seemed like a guy whos idea of his own self worth was out of porportion with his actual talent and accomplishments. If could have alot of exciting fights at 205lb.

    Now I think the UFC punished Vera with the Tim Sylvia fight

  • hankd says:

    Dana said he had 2577 emails this morning…lol

  • pauli says:

    the way i read that sticky, he was asking for seven million dollars and a four year old. ahem.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    LOL, only you would see it that way. Pervs make me sick 😛

    If he really wants to be competitive, he should drop down to 205. Isn’t he the smallest heavyweight in the UFC? But the other side of me wants him to stay in 205+ so that he’ll get his ass kicked. I don’t like him. He comes off as a prick. And that stupid dance he does after a victory is uber gay 😀

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Did Brandon Vera really turn down $7 million for 4 years? Then why is he only getting paid 100+100?

  • Tanner says:

    Zuffa’s entire contract is up there, I bet people are loving that shit.

    Its good stuff to read, I sure as hell wouldn’t turn down a 7mil 4 yr. deal.