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The Trumps come out to pimp Affliction

Lots of people have speculated that the relationship between Affliction and the Trumps is that Affliction basically payed them for the media interest they’re known to create. Retarded news organizations can’t carry a story without a lame hook, and the Trumps fulfill that role. That’s pretty much it. Chances that the Trumps are actually sinking much money into the organization? Very low indeed.

Here’s Sherdog asking Donald Trump Jr about the arrangement:

Details of the partnership between the property-pushing human conglomerate and his clothing contemporary have been sketchy, though many presume the ever-savvy Trump paid little, if anything, for a piece of the fledgling fight company. And in return, Affliction has been able to wield the Trump brand to lure in media and greater opportunities for exposure.

“There’s elements of that, but clearly were a very financially viable company,” said Trump Jr. of the arrangement. “Obviously, anything that we get involved in we’re able to negotiate very favorable terms to us from a certain perspective because of the brand that my father has created over 30 years as a businessman and entrepreneur. I don’t know if our involvement is going to be at a typical market rate for someone else that wanted to come in and buy into a company, but there’s definitely financial aspects of it that we’re involved in.”

If you sift through all the bullshit business-speak that Douche Wellington throws around in there you can boil it down to this: “They gave us a big chunk just to attach our name and we don’t have to do shit for it past make the media rounds before an event. Fuck yeah!”