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The tangled web Jackson’s camp weaves

Nate Marquardt offers up his bromance with GSP as why Georges hasn’t faced off with Anderson Silva yet:

“I’ve said it before, I think the only reason GSP hasn’t done it is that he wants me to do it,” Marquardt said. “He’s a great teammate and he’s giving me my second chance. But I’ve always said that I think Georges, pound for pound, has proven himself to be the best, and I think he’s got good enough striking that he could overcome the distance that Silva has, and I think if Anderson makes a mistake Georges will put him on his back, and Georges is so strong on top that I think he would dominate him.”

Let’s all just hope that if Marquardt blows his second chance (fourth if you count previous title shot misses to Thales Leites and Chael Sonnen), Georges stops dicking around and starts preparing for the superfight that NEEDS to happen. With PacMan vs Shitface this weekend, we’re all making fun of boxing for being unable to put together the big fight everyone wants. Meanwhile in MMA we’ve got Silva vs GSP on the backburner and we don’t even have a good excuse like hate or cowardice for why.

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