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The stunning conclusion of the Eyebrows / Grape Photo bet

Well, it’s time. For those of you living under rocks for the past two weeks, Kid Nate from and I had a bet on the Huerta / Guida bout. If Guida won, Nate would have to shave his eyebrows. If Huerta won, I’d have to recreate UFC ringgirl Edith Larente’s ‘grape photo’.

Of course, Roger Huerta staged an amazing comeback in the third to beat Clay Guida by submission. Which means I lost the bet. Which means you now get to see a picture of me with grapes over my junk. So here’s the promised picture. As Nate was kind enough to say: “This might cost you some dignity, but it definately proves you’ve got honor”. Honor through nudity! Awesome. Follow the link below … if you dare.