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The strategy

MMAWeekly has an interesting interview with Rashad Evans where Rashad talks strategy and reveals amongst other things that he and his camp lied to everyone about their strategy (how about that, Polly!). The ‘takedown strategy’ was a red herring, and the real plan was all about waiting for Chuck to drop his defenses and then to capitalize.

Liddell disengaged, realizing Evans could push back, though it didn’t stop him from trying to cut off the cage again. By this time, Evans had seen first hand what Jardine had been trying to tell him all along.

“Keith said ‘you’re gonna get his timing, and there’s a point when you’re going to see em’ coming,'” Evans said. “‘When you see it coming, get off first—don’t sit there and wait.’ And that’s what I did. As soon as he had me against the fence, you can always tell when he’s coming, so as soon as I see him make that face, I just tried to bust off first.”

And he did, uncorking a right hand that brought Liddell’s motor functions to a screeching halt. Despite Evans’ reputation as a workman in the cage, he had delivered another piece of fight footage that will forever play in the UFC’s video library.

It’s an interesting theory: stay back, get a feeling for Chuck’s timing, and then move in for the kill. People have known for a while that Chuck’s an excellent counter-puncher and he does better against guys who try to take the fight to him. Now we’ve seen that fact turned into a working strategy to beat him.