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The stats on Jackson vs Griffin

So I’m going around on different sites and forums looking for interesting shit to post about the uninteresting topic of MMA news. And what do I see? Post after post and thread after thread full of people screaming their heads off about a fix and about Jackson getting screwed and so on and so forth. To me, the whole situation is pretty obvious: since the population is equally torn between three options (Forrest won, Quinton won, or it was a tie), I’d say just maybe all three answers are equally valid. In short, the fight was so close that any decision made would have been understandable.

Of course, people don’t like moderate stances like that … they want to burn down the homes of judge Roy Silbert or they want to hoist Forrest Griffin up as the best thing since sliced bread. So here’s another weapon that can be used by all of you to justify whatever outcome you had for the fight: the Fightmetric stats. Rami (who’s the one behind Fightmetric) wrote up a breakdown of the fight as well in justification of the draw, but I dunno. Looking at the number of strikes and the submission attempts and the passes certainly gives credence to Forrest winning. Or how about all those power head shots Rampage threw? That must mean he won. Anyways, enjoy twisting the stats any which way to say whatever you want. Me, I’m just gonna wait for the rematch.