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The sound of millions getting off the Mirko bandwagon

What the fuck is wrong with some people? First off you boo the hell out of fighters for being tentative or careful, but if they lose once or twice you dismiss them as done and over. Did you ever take a few damn seconds to think that maybe if a loss wasn’t considered such a cataclysmic event then maybe fighters would be more inclined to take risks and push the pace?

In my opinion this is the main difference between PRIDE and the UFC … in PRIDE, they don’t give a damn if you win or lose, it’s how entertaining the fight was. If you go down swinging, then you’ve got a lot of respect. But in the UFC, one or two wrong moves and you’re done. It’s not all that surprising to me that Crocop cracked under the pressure. That’s pretty much the story of his career … he just can’t seem to win the big ones. And considering all the pressure he was under to perform, this was definitely a ‘big one’.

In the past few hours I’ve read some pretty dumb shit from some pretty dumb people. And while I’m not going to defend Crocop’s performance tonight, I am going to defend his standing as one of the world’s top fighters. Talking about a top guy’s career being over after two losses is simply retarded. I wonder if they’ll do the same to Chuck Liddell if he loses to Keith Jardine. They certainly did it to Randy Couture over and over, and half the internet still brings up Couture’s slumps when trying to justify their position on ‘why Randy will lose this time’.

No one – especially not a hack like Kevin Iole – has the right to call Mirko Crocop washed up. No one has the right to say his career may be over. Those words are simply factually incorrect. Maybe three years down the road after a loss to Frank Mir pushes him out of the UFC and he’s fighting Tank Abbott on an Indian reservation. But now? Get a fucking grip, people.

Just like with Georges St Pierre, this will be the one time I’m going to bring this up. People on the internet talk and talk like what they’re saying actually matters … I may be a dick and I may talk shit but at least I don’t pretend like my blog channels through into reality. So I’ll sit back and watch more fights … and in 9 months we’ll see how Crocop is doing. I’ll make sure to remind everyone what they were saying after this fight just to show them how dumb they were.

  • Jonathan says:

    Mirco did look uninspired tonight…I do not know what the deal was. I am as pissed at him as I was at Gonzaga a few weeks ago.

  • Yeah I agree, I dunno what was up with him tonight … nerves, I bet.

  • sugarac120 says:

    Uninspired……. just flat period. No business. No idea whats up with cro cop but what the hell is up with the bullshit decisions? I was fucking pulling for Bisping all the way but clearly he got tooled and totally handled. wtf. email me Ryan.

  • sugarac120 says:

    damn Ryan selling out on me

  • TIGERTAO says:

    It was like Cro Cop forgot he was a world class kickboxer! Almost a mirror image how Kongo was against Assuerio Silva, Mirko took a few leg kicks and then stopped any attempt at making his own…
    Granted Kongo used his reach advantage to counter with the occasional jab but wtf?!
    Washed up hell no, but I didn’t expect to see him backing up like that all the time, sure Fedor did that to him, but thats Fedor!

  • kentyman says:

    Chalk me up as another disappointed Cro Cop fan last night, but in no way have I given up on him. Owner of a fancy new cage or not, he still just didn’t look comfortable in one. I almost wondered if he broke a rib or something after getting Kongo’d in the left side so many times.

    In the third round I was praying for him to get whacked in the nards just one more time so he could at least get a 28-28 draw. It’s sad when crotch trauma is the only way to not lose.

  • John says:

    Theres to much to be said about it so I’m not going to say anything but well put Linker

  • johnny says:

    this last two losses were Mirko’s “Wanderlei” and “Shogun” (see Quinton Jackson if you don’t know what i’m talking about).

    With two fights left, I highly doubt he will phone in performances and I highly doubt he will be given a early release.

    In closing, bandwagon jumpers are the gayest people in the world- they are like “Pat Patterson with garters”-gay. There is nothing more pathetic then a fan who jumps ship just because their fighter lost

  • Jonathan says:

    I want to see Mirko fight some can now…like a can from the welterweight division. Or maybe he can fight Sean Gannon…or everybody’s favorite Shannon “The Cannon” Rich

  • Imran says:

    Apparently, CroCop broke a rib in the 1st round. Which – if true – helps to put things into perspective. In the 1st round, CroCop was stalking Kongo, and even though he seemed overly cautious (just one attempted high kick), you got the feeling that he was working the post-Gonzaga demons out of his system, and would open up later on.

    Yet, as the fight went on – he just seemed to retreat further into his shell. Someone who could stay the course (even though he lost) with Fedor on the ground should surely have felt no inhibitions in taking Kongo down. Yet, he seemed happy to just stay pinned against the cage wall (just one attempted judo throw by CroCop).

    Again, if the broken rib story is true, it would account for a lot (that, and being kneed in the groin 200 times!!). Nevertheless, its just sad seeing a legend lose like that. I just hope he picks himself up, swallows his pride, recognises that he needs to rediscover his passion – and then gives his career a fitting finale.

  • Vee says:

    Your article is on point.
    There are way too many self-important MMA analyst, experts and nuthuggers online. Is it remotely possible that Cro-Cop will beat Gonzaga in a rematch, yeah!! Anything can happen in a fight. Can Gonzaga come back and destroy Couture, of course.
    Glad to see that you don’t take yourself extremely serious. For the people with strong opinions on what a fighter should do, what he didn’t do, knuckle up and get in the cage or a boxing ring . . . and then talk crap afterwards. In the mean time, I sit back, stfu, have a brew and watch more fights.
    Keep fighting CroCop!!
    (And good luck on your next fight, don’t stink it up)

  • kentyman says:

    Speaking of self-important, did y’all see how I called that broken rib before it was released? It’s nuthuggin’ time!