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The “Sorry we sucked” press conference


Frank Mir talks about his shitty win, Chris Lytle calls out Thiago Alves (sorta) and says he’ll never pull a Mir/Crocop (sorta), and Melvin Guillard says hey, I got the win. Lots of fighters apologizing like they took stinky dumps in the cage. I’d say the general “UFC 119 sucked” vibe is a little thick considering everything, but then again I’ve only watched the show zonked out in the middle of the night – I now feel more pity for UK fans having to DREAM it every show than envy that they get UFC cards for free – so we’ll see how it holds up to a second viewing.

(conference highlight by Mistah Casey via Fanhouse)

  • Jim says:

    Oh shit, you crossed the pond, how long you over?
    Your pity it well placed. Staying up on your lonesome till 5-6 sunday mornings, to watch MMA or boxing with the volume down is even less fun than it sounds.

  • Márcio says:

    The main event was the worst main event I remember ever watching in the UFC. Even Silva clowning Maia for 25 minutes and refusing to engage had more exciting moments. Mir vs. Cro Cop was a light sparing session with an acidental KO, Cro Cop shoud get cut. Evan Dunham got robbed, because once again, idiot judges have their head up their asses when they should be watching the fight. Bader winning 30-27 in all cards was a fucking travesti, one takedown per round it’s a garanteed win, that was a close fight anyway you look at it. Melvin Guillard and Jemery Stephens was a complete snooze fest. So yeah, 119 sucked.

  • SST says:

    Everyone is so worried about getting canned. Apologies, excuses. With that shitty main event and pre-fight interviews, Crocop should get canned or resign. 1.1 million just to show up.