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The slow crawl of justice continues

Legal wrangling galore continues on the Randy Couture front, so it looks like those of you who are interested in ‘Free Randy’ shirts (on sale now, by Odin’s beard!) can rest easy knowing they’ll make sense for years to come.

Currently the UFC and HDNet are in a fight over who’s juristiction the court case should fall into – HDNet is pushing for Texas while the UFC wants home court advantage in Las Vegas. Read more about the tricky maneuvering on the part of both companies here … people in the law field will undoubtedly give a golf clap to HDNet for it’s sneakiness thus far. No word yet on if that will pay off … on it’s face value I don’t think so, but hey … I’m not a lawyer. I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Past that, good news and bad news for Randy:

On March 25 in the 8th Judicial District of Nevada, Couture’s motion to dismiss was denied in Zuffa v. Couture — the state court action concerning his employment contract.

An order was also recently entered that softened the language of the preliminary injunction granted by the court last month. Couture is allowed to corner fighters, and fighters may wear Xtreme Couture gear.

It blows my mind that UFC managed to lay the smack down on Couture so hard he wasn’t allowed to show his face or even his name anywhere near a ring. Makes my whole “UFC owns Randy Couture” parody seem a whole lot less silly.

Last but not least, you’ve got the people at XTreme Couture walking on eggshells, being very careful not to say anything that might be used against them in a court of law. When asked about a possible match against Kurt Angle, the gym responded:

According to Sean O’Heir, public relations director at Xtreme Couture, the bout interests Couture, but “Randy has made it quite clear that he would only pursue such a match, if at all, when he is contractually free to do so.

“At this time, the discussions are merely preliminary and no details of an actual match have been set nor agreed to,” O’Heir commented in a statement to

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Why doesn’t the UFC just admit that they screwed up & they lub Randy. Then they could get a room & kiss & make up.

  • twankydawg says:

    Because Randy is a fucking moron, you can’t resign from a contract, IT’S A FUCKING CONTRACT! Besides, all this has shown us what Randy is all about, and it’s all about the almight dollar. I hope Randy gets to fight Fedor soon, I’m going to enjoy watching him get demolished inside of the first 2 minutes of that fight. I was a big Couture fan but him not being a man of his word and fulfilling his contract tells me he’s not the guy I thought he was.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    Actually, you can “resign” from a contract.

    However, it is called a breach and the breaching party must be aware of outstanding obligations. Randy appears to be aware of such obligations, mainly that either he must fight or wait out the time limit, but has turned to the courts for a decalatory judgment deeming him able to escape the contract without consequences (which will not and did not happen because of the rather harsh prelim injunction).

    I enjoy watching the legal wranglings because its what I do, but I would rather see him fight…and soon. Let’s get it settled and have Randy and Fedor fight in some strange Elite XC/Mark Cuban/Monte Cox threesome deal.