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The Silva documentary has no answers


If you were expecting that Anderson Silva documentary to explain why Andy was such a gaping ass during the Abu Dhabi period of his career, you’re going to be disappointed:

Silva’s mercurial behavior — both in the cage and out — is never really explained. But in some ways we learn it can’t be; it’s simply who he is. At times he’s childlike, at times he’s reflective. At one point, he exasperatedly bemoans the repetitive nature of media questions, complaining that he repeatedly hears the same ones, and that the answers are already known. His cage antics are seen but he offers no commentary on why he clowned Maia, though he later alludes to it by essentially saying that winning is his only reply to negative reviews.

Glad to hear the film tackled the tough questions… but what can you really expect when the thing is produced by Silva’s manager? Smashing Machine it ain’t.