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The shine is off Dana’s vlog

Maybe the novelty has worn off, but is anyone else finding Dana’s UFC video blogs to be less entertaining than they used to be? It’s not like they’re getting repetitive or anything. Perhaps it’s because the more time we spend with Dana, the more we start to notice his character flaws and annoying habits. That’s how I’m feeling watching the first of his UFC 93 vlogs. Watch as Dana spends 600 bucks trying to win a $100 bet (something you’d expect from the peeps running Affliction, not the UFC). Hear him brag about having the ability to control when Pinkberry closes.

It’s not as annoying as watching Floyd Mayweather brag about his mad stacks o’ cash, but the whole process does seem to be moving in that direction. I liked things better when it was just a fly on the wall view of the week running up to a UFC event instead of a Dana White dick sucking festival.