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The Shamrock hype machine begins

Ken Shamrock has surfaced to start hyping the Kimbo Slice fight, and one of the main things he wants you to know is how sick he was during the Buzz Berry fight:

“I don’t want to go into the symptoms,” Shamrock said about the ailment. “It was serious enough to where I lost 20 pounds and I was probably sick for about four weeks after I got back from England. I was hospitalized for about four days. It was a bad sickness. We got the right antibiotics and got everything cleared. I got myself back on the track again and going in the right direction and got my weigh back on. We started pursuing a fight, the Kimbo Slice thing came up and we said, ‘Wow, this is the perfect fight for me, man. You can’t gift wrap one better than this.'”

I would take this to heart more if the Berry fight hadn’t ended the same way the last two Tito Ortiz fights ended along with several of Shammy’s other fights: with Ken getting flash KO’d.

People were saying James Thompson had a glass jaw, but it was more that he would leave his jaw out to be pulverized by heavy hitting motherfuckers. Ken on the other hand gets grazed by guys who aren’t even known for their knock out power and he falls over like someone just hit nailed him in the face with a sledgehammer.

Shamrock’s last five fights have resulted in five knock outs, and the average time it took for his opponents to put him away? 2 minutes. I’m not gonna deny that Ken has skills. But those don’t mean a whole lot when a light breeze causes you to lose consciousness.